Pastor Johnnie R. Haynie History

Rev. Johnnie Roy Haynie was born July 4, 1948, in Jackson, Mississippi, to the proud parents Lonnie and Lessie M. Haynie. He is the eldest of eight children born from this union; he has three brothers and four sisters. It is this beginning, as a part of a large family; that he learned to share and have consideration for others.

During his early youth, Johnnie was a student and laborer of the field. While the work in the cotton fields of Mississippi was grueling, Johnnie accepted Christ at the age of 9 at St. James Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Upon moving to Batesville, Mississippi at the age of 10 Johnnie Roy tithed his time and talents to Concord Baptist Church, and Rev. Woods baptized him at the age of 17.

Pastor Haynie is a 1968 graduate of Patton Lane High School, Batesville, Mississippi. In 1972, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Rust College where he studied Business Administration with an emphasis on accounting and minor in economics. He was blessed to finance his college education with a full scholarship in music. This love of music extends to gospel and classical music, and he is a patron of the arts; specifically, the opera. He has been fortunate to have his rich, baritone voice recorded with legendary opera singer Leontyne Price.

Rev. Haynie migrated to Chicago in 1973 and united with Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois, where he served as Junior Deacon. It was at Mercy Seat MB Church that he met Lucille Wesson, the love of his life. St. Luke 12:34, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Captivated by her beautiful smile and graceful spirit; they married on December 25, 1974. Pastor Haynie is proud of his family, which consists of their daughters TyLinda and Idelia; son-in-law Taurean and grandchildren Morgan and Johnathan.

In 1978, he joined New Hope Interracial Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois under the leadership of the late Rev. Karl J. Kinnard. It is as this house of God; that he was crowned a deacon and served as chairman of the deacon ministry from 1978-1980.

In August 1980, Rev. Haynie united with Jordan Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Hillside, Illinois where he is still a member today. Upon his arrival he was appointed to the deacon ministry by the late pastor, Rev. Willie F. Jordan, Sr. and he served well in the church as a deacon, a teacher of the deacon’s ministry and weekly bible study, a choir member, and choir president. Rev. Haynie served as a choir member until his acknowledged calling into the ministry in 1981. In August 1981, Rev. Haynie preached his first sermon, “Getting the Bugs out; with Jesus as the Exterminator.” He was licensed on September 1, 1982, and ordained August 28, 1983. Rev. Haynie worked faithfully until 1992 when God’s master plan elevated him to a new place in ministry.

On October 18, 1992, Rev. Johnnie R. Haynie was elected pastor of Garden of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church and was installed February 19, 1993. Pastor Haynie's style of leadership, preaching, and teaching is one that encompasses fellowship and unity. He commissions Garden of Prayer and churches abroad to have a ministry without walls where Christians truly understand and act in the call of unity. He facilitates this not only as a pastor but as an acting executive board member of the South Shore Baptist District Association that promotes and cultivates “healthy churches” and provides classes for the spiritual development of Christians whether they be leaders or laypersons.